5 powerful psychological techniques to boost your coaching, listening and conflict-management skills

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Don’t stop with the 4-day work week. Let’s get creative in how we measure productivity.

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Streamline your daily tools for an efficient, stress-free work life

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Lost your spark in the pandemic? Sharing ideas can reignite you.

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How to make the ‘Miracle Morning’ technique a lot more fun

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  • S for…

Tracking, saving and investing your hard-earned cash doesn’t need to be difficult or boring

This is how I imagine a Robo Investor to look. Image by Storytale.io

How I’m fighting my critical inner resistance, one day at a time

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And here are 3 things to say and do instead.

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A quick flick of the gaze can help build positive mental habits

The chocolatey snack in question. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Cutting down or giving up on booze doesn’t have to be boring — quite the opposite

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  • Hen party dancing till 3am in a North London club
  • Garden parties chatting around the fire until late
  • House party at ours where everyone ended up doing shots out of random kitchen appliances (mine were just alcohol-free spirits)
  • Work drinks

Rebecca Pendleton

Product Director & Aspiring Writer / Designer / Coach. I love self-development, service design & stationery. Sober but not preachy.

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