5 powerful psychological techniques to boost your coaching, listening and conflict-management skills

“For the next 15 minutes, you must not speak a word.”

This was the first instruction given by our Skills tutor on the Regent’s University Psychotherapy Foundation Course.

'Skills' sessions on the course consisted of one person acting as the therapist, and another acting as the client. For 15 minutes…

Streamline your daily tools for an efficient, stress-free work life

A “stack” in the technology world is a collection of tools, programming languages, and frameworks that developers use to create an app or service. These technologies work together for a specific purpose, and the “stack” is an important concept for keeping things consistent across the board.

Most likely you already…

Tracking, saving and investing your hard-earned cash doesn’t need to be difficult or boring

I don’t love numbers. I used to be a maths whiz at school, but as I’ve gotten older, my heart has turned to more creative interests such as languages, writing and psychology. Finance is not a big passion of mine.

What I do like though is technology. And productivity hacks…

Rebecca Pendleton

Product Manager & Aspiring Writer / Coach. I love self-development, service design & stationery. Sober but not preachy.

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